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The Latest on Increasing Violence in Egypt – The Diane Rehm Show (07.29.13)

As Violence Breaks, Muslim Brotherhood’s Political Future in Doubt – The Takeaway (07.29.13)

With Egypt In Flux, An Uncertain Quest for Democracy – NPR “All Things Considered” (07.06.13) [Transcript]

Egypt’s President Forces Key Military Heads to Retire – NPR “All Things Considered” (08.13.12) [Transcript]

Tough Road Ahead for Egypt’s President, Islamists – NPR “All Things Considered” (06.24.12) [Transcript]

Egypt Military Election Stance Could Aggravate Crisis, says Analyst – Voice of America (06.21.12) [Transcript]

A Look at Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Candidate – NPR “All Things Considered” (06.19.12) [Transcript

Military Vs. Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – NPR “On Point” (06.18.12) [Transcript

The Future of Democracy in Egypt – NPR “Talk of the Nation” (06.14.12) [Transcript

Muslim Brotherhood Picks Presidential Candidate – NPR “All Things Considered” (04.02.12) [Transcript]

A Year After Mubarak, Where Does Egypt Stand? – NPR “All Things Considered” (02.11.12) [Transcript]

Egypt in Transition – The Diane Rehm Show (01.24.12)

Impatience Grows Over Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution – NPR “All Things Considered” (11.25.11) [Transcript]

Protest and Violence in Egypt – “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” WAMA (10.10.11)

Islamic Movements Expert Reacts to Brotherhood Interview – WBIZ/NPR (07.18.11)

Reconciling Fatah and Hamas – “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” WAMA (05.05.11)

The World Bank’s Role in The Middle East – NPR’s “Marketplace” (04.15.11) [Transcript]

Syrian Troops Fire on Protesters – Marketplace, American Public Media (03.25.11) [Transcript]

Arab League Wavers on U.N.-Sanctioned Airstrikes – NPR (03.22.11) [Transcript]

Developments in Egypt – The Diane Rehm Show (02.14.11)

Defining Democracy in Egypt – NPR (02.12.11) [Transcript]

U.S. Reviews Relationship with Muslim Brotherhood – NPR (02.03.11) [Transcript]

Protests in Egypt and the Region – The Diane Rehm Show (02.02.11)

Mubarak Regime Clings to Power – The takeaway (02.01.11)

Professor: Regime Change Can’t Happen Overnight – NPR (01.29.11) [Transcript]

Anti-Government Protests in Egypt – The Diane Rehm Show (01.27.11)

AUDIO | 2000 – 2009

Egypt and the United States – The Diane Rehm ShowWAMU (08.18.09)

Modernity and Islam Go TogetherMarketplaceAmerican Public Media (03.13.08) [Transcript]

Appeals Court Approves Saddam’s Death Sentence – WTOP Radio (12.26.06)

Kojo Nnamdi Show: Unrest in Egypt – WAMA (05.22.06)

Egypt Cracks Down on Dissent – Voice of America (05.17.06)

Egyptians Ask: Who Will Rule After Mubarak – Voice of America (05.10.06)

Reaction in Egypt to Win by Hamas – WTOP Radio (01.26.06)

Unauthorized Photographs of Saddam Hussein Released – Voice of America (05.21.05)

US Lawmakers Concerned Over Iraq Power Transfer – Voice of America (06.16.04)

Iran ElectionsNPR “Talk of the Nation” (02.19.04)

Democracy in the Middle East – NPR “The Diane Rehm Show” (11.12.03)

Iraq GovernmentNPR “The Travis Smiley Show” (04.23.03)

Saddam’s PersonalityNPR “The Travis Smiley Show” (03.19.03)

Iraq and Democracy? – NPR “Talk of the Nation” (03.03.03)

Comments on Osama Bin Laden Tape – WTOP Radio (02.12.03)

The View from AbroadNPR “The Koja Nnamdi Show” (01.23.03)

Iraq’s Neighbors React to New Baghdad GovernmentNPR “Day to Day” (11.18.02)

Terrorism in Jordan – WTOP Radio (10.28.02)

Al Jazeera: CNN to the Arab World – WBUR Radio (11.16.01)