Egypt Parliamentary Elections 2010

SAMER COLBERT2IMG_3419Samer-Alex-Photo-July-2009-e1321909523639Economic Research Forum Shehata 2Economic Research Forum Shehata 1Bushra Al Samni at campaign event
The Revolution Continues reads the bannerAt the demonstration after Friday prayers in AlexandriaChanting at the demo in Alex on Friday 11.25.11Muslim Brotherhood Rally in AlexandriaThe Candidate: Bushra Al SamniMuslim Brotherhood rally (11.25.2011)
Bushra posing for the camera (11.25.2011)IMG_1520Campaign workers for the Muslim Brothers (11.25.2011)Women supporters at Muslim Brotherhood campaign rallyMuslim Brotherhood campaign rally, Alexandria, Egypt 11.25.2011Bushra Al Samni Campaign speech 11.25.2011
Poster at demonstrationin front of Northern Military HeadquartersIn front of Northern Military HeadquartersSamer's Ice Cream cartAlexandrian liver cart at protestIAlexandrian liver cart at protest